Gaia GPS Client


June 2022

Case Study

I have created a series of packages that help interact efficiently with the Gaia GPS API. The @gaia-gps-client NPM organization includes the following packages:

  • @gaia-gps-client/client: The JavaScript SDK for interacting with the Gaia GPS API. It provides bindings for reading and creating tracks, waypoints, photos, and other Gaia GPS objects. Isomorphic, it can run in NodeJS or directly in the browser
  • @gaia-gps-client/types: Strong TypeScript typings for relevant Gaia GPS objects that can be used in any project
  • @gaia-gps-client/graphql: A full-featured GraphQL server on top of Gaia's REST API. This can run anywhere on your own infrastructure
  • @gaia-gps-client/react: (WIP) a React component that can display Gaia GPS tracks, routes, and other statistics

Note: This project is not endorsed or supported by Gaia GPS, so please do not ask them for help.


Skills Used

  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL
  • NPM
  • NX/monorepos
Gaia GPS Client
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